Buttons and Blue - Pilot Episodes

Family Fostering Partners

Our first children’s cartoon, available in both Welsh and English, Bwtwns a Blw is an important story normalising the concept of foster care. It was essential to present a supportive and warm vision of foster parenting, so we created distinctive and reassuring designs using the client’s own mascots to highlight the bonds within a foster family. The end result was a 4-minute ‘pilot’ episode and two illustrated children’s storybooks. 

Covered by S4C's 'Heno' programme

“We were really pleased with the launch as well as the reaction that we’ve received since then from a number of people and organisations about the show!”

Curon Howells – Family Fostering Partners

Animation Production Team

Patrick Hathaway
Matthew Creed

Matthew Creed

Art Director
Kyle Abraham

Sound Designer
Tom Kavanagh

Kyle Abraham
Eryn Creed

Matthew Creed

Lloyd Macey

Mererid Hopwood
Tudur Dylan Jones