Glamorgan Telecom

How do you make a cloud-based storage system human and engaging? How do you showcase that the system will help employee productivity and efficiency while making it human and engaging? Simple, create Jeff.

Inspired by 50s and 60s comic book cartoons, Jeff is the perfect blend of humour, positivity and effectiveness. The work we carried out to create the character and the style spawned the creation of a whole branded mixed-media campaign using the assets we created.

"A real testament to their professionalism"

“Working with Jammy Custard and their talented, creative team has been a pleasure. Keeping to budget and producing a video that accurately delivered our initial brief is a real testament to their professionalism. Great job JC and thank you.”

Mathew Evans – Glamorgan Telecom Director

Animation Production Team

Patrick Hathaway

Matthew Creed

Art Director
Kyle Abraham

Sound Designer
Tom Kavanagh

Kyle Abraham

Matthew Creed

Robbie Stevens

Members of Sing Clifton Choir